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Life can be difficult at times, and can leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused or alone. Whilst these emotions are a normal part of being human, our need to be heard, understood, and supported can be unfulfilled by friends and family for a variety of reasons. Speaking to an impartial, trained professional can provide a valuable source of support through these distressing times.

Although it may feel difficult, by asking for help you are taking the first important step towards healing and positive change. You will be helped to explore your feelings and behaviours, to gain useful insights and perspective and to uncover your inner resources that can help you live a more fulfilling life.

"I’m Paula, a fully trained, registered and insured therapist, offering person-centred counselling and psychotherapy to help people emotionally heal, grow and achieve their full potential."

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I aim to make the process of finding a therapist as comfortable as possible. Your autonomy is very important to me, therefore I suggest an initial 20 minute telephone session, to give us time to decide whether we will work well together.

There are also options of how to access therapy:

  • Face to Face
  • Online
  • Telephone
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